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2018 West Michigan Grace Bible Conference

The Renewing of the Mind

October 19-21


Grace Life Bible Church 

3020 Lake Michigan Dr. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

There is no cost to attend these meetings other than the suggested donation for lunch on Saturday.  Anyone is welcome to attend, visitors are encouraged.  Out of town visitors please note that hotel arrangements have NOT been organized in advance by Grace Life Bible Church.  If you are coming from a distance and would like a hotel recommendation, please contact GLBC @ (616) 308-8892

Please Note: No child care or Children's Ministry will be offered on Friday or Saturday

Friday, Oct. 19th

  • 6:30pm - Setting the Table: Understanding the Doctrinal Position of Romans 12 (Russell Sheppard)

  • 7:45pm - The Reasonable Nature of Our Reasonable Service (Des Strydom)

Saturday, Oct. 20th

  • 9:00am - Nonconformity and The Renewing of the Mind (Des Strydom)

  • 10:15am - Following Your Heart: Is it Really So Wrong? (Bryan Ross)

  • 11:30am - Meditation and Mindfulness: What Saith the Scriptures? (Russell Sheppard)

Lunch - GLBC will be ordering Pizza for lunch

Please plan to bring $5 to help pay for lunch

Free Time 12:30-6:00pm

  • 6:00pm - You Are Not Your Brain: Discerning the Difference Between the Mind & Brain (Brian Ross)

  • 7:15pm - Concert and Ice Cream Fellowship

Sunday, Oct. 21st

  • 9:00am - No Man is an Island: Why Fellowship is Essential to a Renewed Mind (Russell Sheppard)

  • 10:15am - The Circumspect Walk of a Pauline Grace Believer (Des Strydom)

  • 12:00pm - Lunch provided by GLBC

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